Career Uncertainty: Knowledge transfer is possibly the lowest hanging fruit available to you.

career Nov 20, 2020

Our life as we knew it and imagined it went dramatically sideways this year. We had plans that we believed in so much that some of us declared 2020 as our year. The year is winding and we are not sure how the coming year will be for us in terms of health, career, business opportunity, in all other ways.

But we are hopeful beings and through adaptation and evolution you won't just survive but thrive in 2021 and beyond.  Reflect on what's happening outside your business, to guide the changes within. See what's trending and make it yours.

Change is never easy but it happens within and around us and so fast. Most of us can’t imagine life with a mobile phone but the first mobile operator telecom in Uganda is only 22 years old.

Even with the uncertainty of most things that matter to us, we still have a slight opportunity to determine our station in the life going forward. One thing in your life that won’t be changing is your knowledge and skill sets.

Knowledge transfer is possibly the lowest hanging fruit available to you.

Knowledge transfer refers to sharing or disseminating of knowledge and providing inputs to problem solving. Knowledge transfer seeks to organize, create, capture or distribute knowledge and ensure its availability for future users.

The trade in knowledge is a life old business but a recent trend is the development of online platforms aiming to optimize knowledge transfer and collaboration. The new trend increases and redistributes the opportunity in the industry. How is this working?

· People are now willing to learn outside the tuition-taking institutions. This explains why the market size for online education is already a 320 billion dollar industry.

· All knowledgeable people cannot be employed to teach in universities but platforms give you equal opportunity to share knowledge.

There are several resources, tools and platforms on the internet that you can learn from on how to transform your knowledge into online courses that people are willing to buy.

We are building the E'ebo-for-creator platform to facilitate sharing and distribution of lessons globally and with payment tools such that you can be able to sell single topical lessons or a bundle of topics in an entire subject matter.

Even for a starter, you will have easy discovery on E’ebo (unlike on crowded YouTube) and you will have time to master your skill and build your reputation.

E'ebo will be your collaborative partner to start your own knowledge business. We will give you tools for getting payment, engage with your audience and promote your courses and grow your personal brand.

Feel free to contact us on [email protected]and let us discuss your plans. We are also planning training scholarships that could help you start.

Mark Rutaro

Businessman, Entrepreneur, trader, family.... just human

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