Masterclasses: How Experts are boosting their reputation and income.

ownbusiness Nov 19, 2020

A masterclass is an online course where someone who is an expert at something such as dancing, management or music gives insight into what it takes to become an expert. Masterclasses usually take place in universities or in an institutional setting but lately they have become digitized and can be commonly found on streaming platforms like E'ebo which enable edupreneurs to promote and sell.

Who can do a masterclass and for whom?

Ø And Engineering Expert can do a master class for builders about several topics such as waterproofing a foundation, making optimal concrete mixing ratios etc.

Ø A health and Nutrition experts like Dr. Kasenene can do a master class for his followers.

Ø Seasoned Journalists/editors like Dr. Peter Mwesige can a masterclass on several topics in the media industry.

Ø Successful entrepreneurs can do masterclasses on business management, using debt, managing staff.

Ø Several other experts  in human resources, tax, law, accounting, medicine are potential masterclass edupreneurs.

Why masterclasses succeed

Students love masterclasses because their short, intensive nature makes them a relatively easy commitment that delivers rapid results. And, they are generally perceived as offering high value. Learners who don’t have (or won’t make) the time to commit to weeks-long courses can often find time for a shorter, more intensive experience and will even pay a premium in order to learn your material in the shortest possible time.

For edupreneurs, it’s also rewarding to see students rapidly progress. The hands-on approach lets you build a rapport and engage with your learners, seeing in real time how they parse your instructions and respond to your teaching methods. Particularly if you don’t have a lot of classroom experience, hosting a masterclass can be an invaluable learning tool for the teacher as much as the students.

How will E’ebo support edupreneurs?

E'ebo self-help creator features have tools to enable upload, promotion and selling of masterclasses. An edupreneurs will be enabled to setup a unique customized profile and start their own digital business accessible to customers all over the world.

If you are interested in eduprenuership and masterclasses, please WRITE to us on [email protected]  so that we can keep you posted about our launch plans. We also have daily workshops at our offices and we are planning a masterclass training to help you start your own new digital business.

Mark Rutaro

Businessman, Entrepreneur, trader, family.... just human

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